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Nous avons sélectionné un groupe d’étudiants qui rédigeront des blogues sur les séances de formation et la tournée de l’ONJC. Revenez nous visiter pour lire les mises à jour périodiques!

Student Concert - Saturday Afternoon

July 7th featured a programme of six chamber music performances from my fellow colleagues.

The opening piece, Jolivet`s Petite Suite for Flute, Viola, and Harp, was a five movement suite, rich with interweaving sound and exquisite harmonies. Unfortunately, I experienced some difficulties and was unable to procure any photos. My apologies.

Kondo`s Standing Violin Trio was comprised in such a way that each player had a note, either drawn by bow or pizzicato, in sequence one after the other in such a way that, collectively, a single musical line was created. Fast paced, it was intriguing to how each sound connected together from the three individual performers.

Playful and humorous, the Haydn Op.33 no. 2 String Quartet was enthralling and drew laughter from the audience. The suspense and joking manner made it all the more entertaining.

The Partita for Wind Quintet, by American composer Irving Fine, was a neo-classical piece that was intricate and extremely alluring, a highlight of the afternoon.

Shostakovich 8, one of my personal favourites, was a powerful and gritty performance with obvious self-branding from the repeated utilization of the DSCH motif.  

The Beethoven Quartet no. 5 performed was modeled upon Mozart`s quartet in the same A Major key. The first breath taken was stately, and the group`s subsequent performance was lively and cohesive.





[ Fred Xu, Rebecca Ruthven, Cadee Qiu – Kondo, Standing Violin Trio | Cadee Qiu | Lindsey Herle | Jenna Koller | Haydn, String Quartet Op. 33 no. 2 | David Gazaille | Kelly Hermann, Gabriel Lemieux | Olivier Brisson | Kevin Harris |  - Fine, Partita | Jiten Beairsto, Erick Wawrezkiewicz, Lauren Tyros, Nicholas Denton-Protsack – Shostakovich String Quartet no. 8 | Jiten | Nick | Lauren | Erick | Colin Repas, Jeremy Dyck, Genevieve de Caen, Youngho Yoo – Beethoven, String Quartet Op. 18 no. 5 | Genny | Colin | Jeremy | YOUNGHO ]

Posted: July 20, 2012 at 11:16 PM
By: Cecilia Gee
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Student Concert - Friday Evening

 Friday evening saw to a change of location from Von Kuster Hall to St. Paul`s Cathedral. The blistering heat of the venue was stifling and incredibly sweat-inducing, surely a great challenge for players to endure. Though faces were stained with the sweat of arduous determination, each performance was successfully accomplished with great musicality and stamina.

The brass quintet provided a great variety of styles from composers Holborne, Bach, and Gabrieli. Their stentorian sound ever the more powerful in the grand vastness of the cathedral.

Philip Glass` fifth string quartet, though possessing a repetitive structure, was nonetheless very entertaining to listen to and performed with great vitality and core sound.

Written with specific musicians in mind, the Nielsen Wind Quintet had catching discourse between instruments, perhaps portraying the characteristics of the players he based his composotion upon. 

A breathtaking performance, the Dvořák String Quintet was amazingly inspirational and beautifully performed. Though the writing had, as did the Glass, many repeated themes, each performer contributed a great sense of spirit and verve, constructing a very brilliant rendition of the piece.




[ Christian Julien | Steve Donegan | Vladislav Kalinichenko | Daniel Mills | Julien Simard | - Anthony Holborne, Dances & Bach, Contrapunctus no. 1 & Giovanni Gabrieli, Canzona Prima a 5 | Boris Ulanowicz, Meagan Turner | Rosalind Zhang | Matt Antal | - Philip Glass, String Quartet no. 5 | Julie Potvin-Turcotte | Nicholas Kerr-Barr | Joshua Wood | - Carl Nielsen, Wind Quintet | Blake Pouliot, Nora Schreckenschläger | Hugo Rinfret | Cameron Crozman, Catherine Gray | Blake, Nora, Hugo, Cameron, Catherine – Dvořák, String Quintet op. 77 ] 

Posted: July 19, 2012 at 11:24 PM
By: Cecilia Gee
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Student Concert - Thursday Evening

The evening of the 5th exhibited performances of harp duo, string quartet, wind quintet, as well as piano quintet. 

The Prélude, Fugue, and Variation for Two Harps were ever enchanting and beautiful.

Haydn`s Op. 76 no. 1 string quartet was performed with great coherence, a pleasure to see the players thoroughly enjoying themselves, smiles beaming at each other.  

Quirky and entertaining, the Françaix Quintet no. 1 was a great piece to listen for dialogue between instruments, especially so with the line of repeated notes continued throughout the first movement.

The Brahms piano quintet was executed with driving vigour, a spectacular piece with a very intensive third movement (y) . 




[ Sophie Rusnock | Scott, Sophie – Franck, Prélude, Fugue, and Variation -  for Two Harps | Scott Ross-Molyneux | Hanna, Naomi, Calvin, Kitty – Haydn, String Quartet Op. 76 no. 1 | Hanna Williamson | Naomi Dumas | Calvin Yang | Kitty Chan | Hanna, Naomi | Lara Deutsch, Laurence Neill-Poirier, Emily Lair, Bianca Chambul, Hugo Lee – Françaix, Quintet no. 1 | Laurence Neill-Poirier | Lara Deutsch | Jay, Erin, Ria, Jaeyoung, Ellis – Brahms, Piano Quintet Op. 34 | Jay Park | Ellis Yuen-Rapati | Erin Burkholder | Jaeyoung Chong | Ria Kim ]

Posted: July 16, 2012 at 12:25 AM
By: Cecilia Gee
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Student Concert - Thursday Afternoon

July 5th, more than a week ago, saw to the beginning of a profusion of Chamber Music Concerts. Five separate shows were performed over the course of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; a thoroughly inspirational and enjoyable experience. 

Thursday afternoon contained a grand variety of styles and instruments.  The various brass and woodwind combinations resounded greatly in Von Kuster Hall, as did the strings mesmerize the audience with lyrical passagework.

Berio`s Opus Zoo combined the abilities of wind quintet along with narration. A very unique sound arose from their story-telling in combination with instruments, a diverse mix between articulated voice and playing. 

Four violinists came together and performed Telemann`s Concerto no.2, a piece which very beautifully explored the harmonies available from the high registers of such an instrument. 

Duo Caprice by Schickele was performed with two violins, a wonderfully engaging pair. The piece itself was innovative and possessed amusing aspects, with quotations from Mozart, Vivalid, Prokofiev, and Haydn.

Another treat was seeing our fellow colleagues from the Indian National Youth Orchestra play Haydn`s Op. 9 no. 2 string quartet, an extremely lovely performance with great energy. 





[ Taz Eddy | Peter Gajdek | Taz, Lynne, Chris, Marshall, and Peter – Robert Washburn, Brass Quintet & Morley Calvert, Three Dance Impressions | Marshall Gayman | The Real Chris Graham | Lynne Santamaria | Kelly Hermann, Gabriel Lemieux, Kevin Harris, Olivier Brisson, David Gazaille – Berio, Opus Zoo | David Gazaille | Rebecca Ruthven, Teresa Wang, Cadee Qiu, Fred Xu – Telemann, Concerto no.2 for Four Violins | Luke Chang – Schickele, Duo Caprice | Teresa Wang – Bartók , Duets for Two Violins | Adam Monod – Schickele, Duo Caprice | Fred Xu – Zsuzsanne Kiss, Eight duos for 2 Violins | Ashley, Arun, Bianca, Divya – Haydn, String Quartet Op. 9 no.2 | Ashley Rego | Divya Raghunathan | Bianca Mendonca | Arun Rozario | Ashley, Divya, Steve Sitarski, Bianca, Arun | James Tizzard | Sara Moorhouse, Natasha Sullivan, Ana Norris, James Tizzard, Slavko Popovic – Damase, 17 Variations ] 

Posted: July 14, 2012 at 01:40 AM
By: Cecilia Gee
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Faculty Concert

Our second faculty concert took place July 3rd, a programme which featured percussion, flute, as well as an oboe, horn, and piano trio. 

Jolivet`s Suite en Concert pour Flute et Percussion married the diverse and contrasting abilities of both instruments in an eclectic four movement composition.

The Temazcal for Maracas and Tape, performed by Aiyun Huang, was executed with great vivacity and ended in what was perceived to be a rather humorous tone as the tape transitioned to vacation-esque music. 

Chaconne, composed by Erik Ross, was specially commissioned for faculty members Gabe Radford and Sarah Jeffrey. Overall, the trio had excellent group dynamic, obviously well matched, and played incredibly sweetly. 









[ Alex Petrenko | Dave Burn | Aiyun Huang – Javier Alvarez, Temazcal for Maracas and Tape | Colin Frank | Jacob Mannion | Camille Watts, Alex, Aiyun, Jacob, Dave, Colin – André Jolivet, Suite en Concert pour Flute et Percussion | Greg Oh | Gabe Radford | Sarah, Greg, Gabe – Erik Ross, Chaconne & Carl Reinecke, Adagio | Gabe Radford | Sarah Jeffrey ]

Posted: July 4, 2012 at 11:59 PM
By: Cecilia Gee
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