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We've selected a team of student bloggers to give you an inside look at the NYOC training session and tour.  Check back here for frequent updates! 

Nous avons sélectionné un groupe d’étudiants qui rédigeront des blogues sur les séances de formation et la tournée de l’ONJC. Revenez nous visiter pour lire les mises à jour périodiques!

A View from the Back Row

Two weeks have passed here at the NYOC Summer session, and already it has proven to be a truly unique and thrilling experience. Despite our schedule here bursting at it’s seams, filled with daily warm ups, rehearsals, lectures, and concerts, I (Justin Hickmott) wanted to try to document some of the experience, and explore the Kitchener-Waterloo area a bit. Here are some of the snapshots I have taken so far:




One of the most interesting and challenging opportunities I’ve had so far: Être ou ne pas être by Henri Tomasi.

Every morning, some of the NYOC Brass Members join Faculty Member Sasha Johnson for an hour long warm up and technique reinforcement class. He is also kind enough to share his pressed coffee with us afterwards!


Brasstosterone in Concert! Playing the first Quintet of Victor Ewald. The majority of the brass section is split into two quintets, performing a vast array of repertoire.

The Canadian Veterans Memorial set across from the Wilfred Laurier University Faculty of Music.

Posted: July 12, 2013 at 09:50 AM
By: Jonathan Welmers
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Encore - Dvořák

July 14th saw to a reappearance of the Dvořák String Quintet, a treat for visiting board members and fellow orchestra colleagues alike. 

[ Blake Pouliot | Blake | Catherine | Hugo Rinfret | Nora Schreckenschläger | Crozman | Hugo | Catherine Gray | Cameron Crozman | Blake, Nora, Hugo, Cameraon, Catherine - Dvořák, String Quintet op. 77 ]

Posted: August 23, 2012 at 03:38 PM
By: Cecilia Gee
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Faculty Concert - Friday the 13th



[ Steve Sitarski & David Hetherington – Gary Kulesha, Pro et Contra | Gregory Oh, Carolyn Christie, Denis Bluteau – Léo Delibes (arr. Baxtresser), Flower Duet (Lakmé) & Franz Doppler, Andante and Rondo | Greg Oh | Carolyn Christie | Denis Bluteau | David Hetherington | Steve Sitarski | Greg Oh | Hetherington | Sitarski, Oh, & Hetherington – Dvořák, Piano Trio Op. 21 ]

Posted: August 23, 2012 at 04:51 AM
By: Cecilia Gee
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Orchestra Begins

After days packed with fabulous chamber music, we were immediately plunged into orchestral rehearsal. Having to wear concert dress for professionally taken photos, here are a few quick candids I managed to take that day.

[ Meagan Turner | Scott Ross-Molyneux | Violins | The ever lovely Julien Simard (: | July 12th, 2012 ]

Posted: August 23, 2012 at 04:17 AM
By: Cecilia Gee
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Student Concert - Conclusion

The final instalment to the whirlwind of student concerts took place in a different venue this time around, UWO`s Davenport Theatre. Managing to catch the first two pieces of the programme before leaving to perform myself, the Becker had fantastic rhythmic drive and ensemble work between the entire percussion section, while the Mendelssohn quartet possessed a very pure and beautiful opening adagio which lead into the rest of the captivating performance.

Unfortunately, I missed out on the Hétu Wind Quintet, but many thanks and credit to Luke Chang who took great shots of all the remaining performances from the evening. This leads to the Haydn Quartet, also known as “Fifths”, a name which describes the prominence of falling fifths in the theme (fun thing to note - this was the Op. 76 no. 2, and no. 1 was previously performed the previous Thursday).

The famed Ravel String Quartet was a delight to listen to; great blending between the players, and, of course, with very dynamic pizzes and energy from all.  And the Stravinsky Concerto for piano and winds, a rich and grand piece, beautifully highlighted the large ensemble and intriguing, very rhythmic, piano playing.

This July 7th programme was a very lovely, very entertaining, conclusion to an intensely packed few days of chamber performances. 

Bravo to all. 







[ Kyle Reyes | Jay Mannion | Alex Petrenko | Kyle Reyes | Dave Burns | Colin Frank | - Becker, Away without Leave | Stelth Ng, Sunny Chan, Becca Gans, Kendra Grittani – Mendelssohn, String Quartet Op. 13 no.2 | Sara Moorhouse, Slavko Popovic, Anna Norris, James Tizzard, Natasha Sullivan – Hétu, Wind Quintet | Slavko | Laura Hillis, Cecilia Gee, Chantelle Jubenville, Charles Cayer – Haydn, Op. 76 no. 2, “Fifths” | Cecilia | Charles | Chantelle | Laura | Anne-Sophie Paquet, Gabriele Thielmann, Jonah Poplove, Nicolas Stephenson – Ravel String Quartet | Jonah | Gabi | Anne-Sophie | Nico | Ria Kim | Graham Isaak, Stéphane Krims, Daniel Lalonde, Brandyn Lewis, Joël Girard, Kyle Reyes, Chris Graham, Vlad Kalinichenko, Julien Simard, Marshall Gayman, Olivier Brisson, Emily Lair, James Tizzard, Joshua Wood, Daniel Mills, Peter Gajdek, Taz Eddy, Steve Donegan, Bianca Chambul, Kevin Harris, Kelly Hermann, Sara Moorhouse, Lara Deutsch, Laurence Neill-Poirier, David Gazaille, Aidan Dugan, Gabriel Lemieux, Natasha Sullivan, Ria Kim, Jaeyoung Chong – Stravinsky, Concerto for Piano and Wind | Greg Oh | THANK YOU Luke for photos ] 

Posted: July 21, 2012 at 03:55 PM
By: Cecilia Gee
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